Andi Buerger
Speaker | Author | Survivor

Who I Am.
The Stories I Share.

“For the first 17 years of my life my existance was defined by abuse and human trafficking … victimized by own family. I could not imagine surviving, much less summoning the courage to embark on a life that led to a law degree, business success, personal fulfillment and to motivating others worldwide.

“My richness of experience is the foundation of the insights I share.

“Along my journey came life-changing lessons that today resonate with others – be it business people, criminal justice students, or simply a congregation with hearts open to hope and healing.

“Today, My husband Ed and I are devoted to the rescue of at-risk homeless youth at Beulah’s Place, our non-profit organization in Redmond, Oregon. And my spirit soars each time I am invited to share stories that may help others move forward along their own life journey.”